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This isn’t about HF specifically, but “Cloud vs. Fog” seemed like it fits with with HF is trying to do.


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What the heck was that, Judas? Was that the three separate streams of info coming from a connect?


Good deal. This vid has been made private. Good looking out Judas!


I have no idea, just went past in a Blender g+ group and thought would be a thing if an avatar could be made real time that way


oh, well you know I don’t think we’re that far from being able to do that actually. I’d be interested in finding out what kind of workflow they’re employing and how it is it they’re going through blender with it. Sid the Science Kid (PBS) was a live animated show with basically avatars that employed motion capture for the bodies, live puppetry for the face and head, and was broadcast to the air almost live (with a slight delay for encoding) and that was several years ago. things have come a long way since then actually. so I feel pretty confident of its near future realization.:slight_smile:


about 2 mins into this video Sony’s Project Morpheus, hell that’s looking good



Apparently Ebbe went onto SLUniverse afterwards to answer questions from the community, and Maria Korolov aggregated all of his responses in this comment of her blog post about it: http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2014/06/linden-lab-to-users-dont-panic/#comment-1446976863



https://developers.google.com/cardboard/ o.O


Or even this one, an Irish guy makes a VR headset from cardboard haha



is that voxels?


Not even remotely related to HF, well only remotely.
Opinion piece on the current state of SL.


There was some mention of cara facetracking on gitter so i had a google


Just tried this demo with the DK2, it just blew me away…amazing stuff.


interesting rig


Web page covering the history of VR.
Entertaining, though I don’t know if it’s complete.