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okay get ready for the world to change

Too bad Hifi isn’t Index compatible. I actually came back to try it and was disappointed.

they do have the controllers so I will expect they will do soon

Epic Games supports Blender Foundation with $1.2M MegaGrant.

the foundation seems on its way to come the standard and 2.8 coming their official version of blender very soon https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-80/

spoilers are getting more from Grants as well

Good, then blender can redesign the 2.8 UI. The screwed it to much. User startup file save option is fine to. Not fun if cubes get placed outside 0,0,0

their getting it Developer for it watch I have added a new video

Nice… I guess it’s relatively safe since there is no one online to be hacked or not even be the hacker.

Has it been addressed?

You have to wonder the difference between a hacker and a security researcher
I would assume a researcher has permission to hack a platform
otherwise they would just be a criminal
and a criminal would be well stupid to publish their name and crime.

Not surprised that Hugh fidelity is in the list. Some people on the forum here warned for problems long ago. But like all important things, the get ignored or delayed until it’s to late.

if you leave the font door open people will rob ur house, its the same in hifi
if u let strangers in ur domain your asking for trouble.
hifi seems to attract nasty people who self promote themselves by stealing and hacking

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Petterson and Radocea said that the VRChat and Steam VR vulnerabilities were particularly dangerous.

I already documented and reported one that makes that statement worth reconsidering. The problem is I also know it hasn’t been patched yet, and it isn’t one I ever brought up nor discussed at a meeting. That also being said, I think it can be patched due to changes in how Hifi is now compiled.

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well it’s official and more news to come by using it for their in-house now to


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Is there anyone here who wasn’t waiting for this