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ugh optical hand tracking, looks great waggling ur hands infront of ur face
but to anyone who tried the leap motion
its garbage cos ur hands just are out of view to much,

Hmmm, i see a big fail. It looks like it only works if you look st your zRL hands. Now the case with VR is that your hands and objects are most of the time not in front of your head.

This not going to work.

really it is not to give you full abilities it’s an extra this comes with the valve index and Vive Pro / Vive Focus To and to give you AR experience and they not the only ones who are doing it here is a reminder
this is still getting developed properly so give them some time for calibration these are just demos

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Recorded On 27 - 29 June, Barcelona Gamelab in Barcelona

Recorded on 29 Aug 2019 PowerfulJRE
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Good to hear Phillip fess up to the issues facing widespread adoption of the metaverse and discussing realistic timescales. One thing is clear - whatever the naysayers might say - Phillip is not going to let go of his bone

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I will never go back to Second life even if you paid me.

A little bit high level as it written for investors not coders:

I didn’t want to create a new thread for this… has anyone used Knuckles in HF? Do they work?



Officially, no. Unofficially, yes.

That’s interesting… does it require a different skeleton?

No. The issue is the client doesn’t naturally support it since it doesn’t request the SteamVR inputs in a way that informs it to send the finger tracking information, leaving it to act in the Vive emulation mode. Apparently there is either a plugin or script that resolves this issue, but it isn’t officially built in and as such, only with those who have the patch or modified client.

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Any leads to the script necessary to enable this?

You would have to poke the unofficial Discord for most optimal results. The only people I’d suspect having it is Fluffy and Tim. At this point, I’m busy trying to solve why the client now has OpenGL issues with the latest NVIDIA drivers.

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