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It is good to see the human side of VRChat and it is appreciated that they are sharing the trials and tribulations of the user explosion. I’m not sure that kind of influx is something any company could ever be ready for. I’m just glad I get to be the one stuffing my face full of popcorn and not under the blowtorch!








Interesting development - I’ve been keeping an eye on this company Pluto for about a year now and they are Now broadening their testing of their voice chat application that can follow you to the virtual world you’re in… https://www.facebook.com/RoadtoVR/posts/2057295494285714




Can attest to this



Oculus destroys Vive on its home turf

check out vr usage on steam


I liked the part where he said how the fbx format is changed each year to make it impossible to follow.


Funny… :open_mouth: While the vive is still better then oculus. chaperon camera. fixed sensor that not are in your way. It’s the price that makes the difference.


I wouldnt call it destroying though. beat maybe, but destroy would be having a dominate completely. 1-5% difference isnt really that :stuck_out_tongue:

While oculus is affordable, I think those in the know and been thinking of buying , and are able to afford the Vive haven’t jumped in yet are now waiting for the next gen stuff. The Vive and Rift are basically old news, this year, so either you jump in the entry gear and use that, and / or just wait. This is where the Vive loses out because its so damn expensive, so naturally people are gonna go with the rift, because its better known and tested than the WMR. But since they buy more from steam store, it means the change will happen once the third generation comes in, Both Rift and Vive usage will decline then…

Pimax and VivePro are both comming in, and both have higher res than the rift, and both are native to SteamVR, and I think many are going to switch when one of the two comes out.


Well i had to go with destroying as a headline or “90% of people cant guess which is the most popular headset” or who would read it :stuck_out_tongue:


yes the discussion of ‘alleged’ Autodesk conspiracies was stomach churning


Fingers crossed


Thanx a lot for posting this :purple_heart: :sunglasses:

3 Questions:

  • Will this be also available for people not physically present at SXSW?
  • Will we have a RP1 event in HiFi too?
  • Will HiFi be at SXSW?



Some things we know so far like Aech’s Garage from Sansar.
I m nosy about the Avatar Creator from Morph while there Ready Room works so far.