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Problem with rp1 is it’s not the story that makes it interesting it’s the vr stuff.as pointed out here the plot is the age old story boy cyber stalks girl


The main character has a bit of a creep factor as in the book goes into quite a bit of details on his habit of obsessing over Artemis. But I think thats a young character flaw sorta thing.

Otherwise a fun a romp and easy to read, it’s has its issues and the movie using references to power it (like iron giant for violence, as I assume it the stand in for the ultraman) can lead to some people have a bad taste probably.

I’ll still watch and enjoy the spectacle but I ain’t there for story :smiley:


Same here:

As the novel is basically a kids’ adventure tale, I’m looking forward for the movie to be nothing more/less than enjoyable, G-rated popcorn entertainment.

Concerning intellectual input I’m still waiting for the one and only NEUROMANCER to finally be turned into a movie :purple_heart: :sunglasses:


But what about Snow Crash :smiley: that would be a spectacle, Sonic Boards, Motorcycles with Nuclear Bombs strapped to them among other things


Uh… yeah!





Nvidia GeForce 391.24 WHQL

Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 391.24
Fixed Issues in this Release
[HTC Vive][Oculus Rift]: The VR headset st
ops working after several launches of the
application or after resume from system Hibernate mode. [200395208/2048746]


Progress being made through the uncanny valley.


but not much progress


When I was still running software from a floppy disk I was dreaming about realtime graphics being at the level of hand drawn animation…
We’re now approaching the point where realtime graphics can compete with the quality of Hollywood CGI from the past. What they’re exhibited here is performance improvements allowing higher resolution, realtime mocap preview and physically accurate rendering techniques.

I’m very excited about seeing these improvements trickling down to users of immersive virtual worlds.


Yeah, still stuck in the uncanny valley. I think the issues currently is with the mouth than the eyes which are gorgeous now… also “too perfect” being a big issue too


the problem is somthing eye based, but if u see a real person with a glass eye, think peter falk , he also fell into uncanny valley


I think this is running in realtime though using Vicon tracking, so the fidelity of animation is pretty impressive IMO. Not nearly as good as the rendering, but I was impressed.



Thank you! The project is in very Alfa stage, but I think will grow :wink:



Not exactly VR News, but still related

from this year GPU Technology Conference:

Blender is going looong ways