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I was just here for a short look, it s so lala



Rest in Peace Game Engine and Internal Render.


So sad. Not a woman in sight. Are there any women super-coders?


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Lovelace :purple_heart::womens::sunglasses:


LOLs. 1840s, and she died at age 36. Surely, there are newer, younger, more.
Is there really a thing about the type of thinking, and the gender of the brain?

I have one friend who is an executive in an IT firm, and she is a transgendered individual.


I don‘t believe in this brain gender BS!
But social imprinting unfortunately is still an issue…
Studies have shown that girls in all-girls schools tend to be strikingly better in natural sciences - because there they aren‘t compared to the supposedly more talented boys constantly (i.e. get to answer the intelligent questions which usually are reserved for boys only in mixed schools).


I think women can do anything. I agree that we have been socialized to believe we cannot do these things. Soon young girls will grow up wanting to be programmers, but soon. Not now. :frowning:


If u wanna get women coding, make it illegal :smiley:

Codings a hard sell. you have to have a end point in mind before wanting to learn somthing
It seems like a ton of work and a ton of dedication even before you can do simple things

i found this documentary explaining why women cant code


It is ironic that in the very very early days coding was considered a female occupation by virtue of being an extension of secretarial duties (though it was still men deciding what was to be coded).



Might have been seen by more people than all VR/AR stuff before, or at least by many who know nothing about AR/VR… and yes, it is just a 360 but you have to introduce everyone first.






I don’t like these. +20 characters


That must be for hyper-active people :slight_smile: