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Controllers Controllers Controllers: Introducing SteamVR Input

SteamVR supports a lot of different controllers, and it can be difficult for developers to keep up with all of them. Today we are excited to release the first Beta for the new SteamVR Input system.

SteamVR Input allows users to build binding configurations for their favorite games, even for controllers that didn’t exist when the game was written. They can adapt the controls of games to take left-handedness, a disability, or just personal preference into account. And once they build a configuration they can share them easily with other users of the same game via the Steam Workshop.


works with steamvr


As you can see it’s technically possible to do these translations with basic equipment it is possible



This looks cool.



Not strictly VR, but some interesting in-world 3D construction concepts nonetheless:




I am not sure if the Blender Notes is actually VR News, its more of blender news though. especially since its about blender specific lighting which High Fidelity wont support



A VR Developer’s Thoughts On The Current Mess Of APIs & Hardware:

Phoronix preamble with link to content:


Direct link:


talk about a lot about the user and it’s the feeling not just numbers and obviously it’s all about the data as well with the privacy point


Interesting article.The pro secondlife people denounce it the anti sl people applaud it.
I love secondlife but think its observations are similar to mine
Virtual worlds are like a shark


OMG, has this inspired drama. A lot of the saner regulars were not contacted for this article, which is sad. I am not defending SL, just pointing out that SL, HF, VRChat, etc., etc. are what you make of them. I never explored the seamier sides of SL, and I had a basically wholesome SL experience.
No matter where you go; there you are.


VR worlds are in limbo right now.

  • Secondlife is old, still perfect to be. because most people are there.

  • The new VR worlds are not ready. and people wait for the point it’s ready. In my case, waiting for a good normal desktop UI with larger font’s and for hifi without a tablet. Still think sansar is winning, because it’s just the cheapest one. And grapics are better.

But at the same time i have feelings that high fidelity is better. but the UI and graphics are so far behind in desktop mode. Hifi is doing it better in VR. but that’s optional thing.

Costs is one of the important things i keep eye on. And so there’s a whole list of things. But at the end your still stuck with SL.


I suppose the question is whats a real representation of an experiance with secondlife
a neatly curated tour by the usual suspects or what most people get.
Its interesting because when you shine the same light onto hifi which has a massivly smaller community
the results are magnified
Stay or go really depends on who you talk to first. and I dont mean the greeters.


I definitely believe HiFi has the best backend/platform currently available (I have a soft-spot for OpenWonderland’s architecture - though not so much the implementation of it - but that project is now dead in the water to the point that their download server has been off for over a year :sob: ). HiFI’s front-end still has a way to go.




Who knew stolen content wasn’t legal .hifi will be fine I will be fine .and as trump teaches us no matter what u do nothing ever happens .