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I recall when SL first bought out ‘sculpties’ (yes, I’m that old!) and had a competition for the best sculpts, promising to put the winners and runners-up into the public asset list. One of the chosen winners was a (very good) rendition of a well known IP. For some reason it didn’t get into the public asset list. :grin:

(Not saying it was a copyright violation, as I assume the creator - very cleverly - made it from scratch, but definitely a trademark issue!)

Back on topic, I would be interested in where the line will be. I have no desire at all to parade around all the time in someone else’s identity/IP (licensed or not). But I have been known to dress up as an IP character in RL for a party or similar event. I’m pretty sure that is protected as ‘fair use’. Is there a VR equivalent for people who create their own version of an IP character (explicitly don’t rip the content, which I would expect to always be bad) for wear as a costume rather than a regular avatar? How would one tell, or prove, the difference?


Looks a bit :roll_eyes:
I hope this is not going into the law.
Simple it’s almost impossible to do it automatic without chaos. Besides how can you know every object in the world with a copyright and how it looks.

On top, companies create the problem them self be not creating and selling the content them self. Same as what i did read with pirates few days ago. The like the buy it legal. But it’s not available, crippled , full with restrictions.

In the case of high fidelity, it can wirk with pop marketplace. But cost to much. content on domains. What’s wrong with the old report system ?

Yes i know we have a pile of nuts in brussel.


I honestly think no one but people with grudges against who ever care.Second life users use it as a way to feel holier than thou.They have endless rants about it.I think the line is ripping off the members of your community
.Historically only a fool crosses Nintendo Disney and Metalica :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh, Weird Al’s ‘Enter Napster’ cycled to the top of my phone’s playlist on the bus home from work today, just a few hours ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


£ 279.99





Here has someone do a experiment with to build own tracker. may a idea for full body tracking

in german, inclusive the twitter link:

I still ask me which board he use


Pretty intereste But cannot find more info. $3 is a good price to get arms and legs better tracked. still cannot find quick schematic / cpu / PCB etc.


Ready Player One - Spielberg Uses Vive



It’s time to stick “But in VR” to ideas and patent them.


I would write LOL if it wasn’t for the fact that in the US literally everything seems to be patentable = patent trollable :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If this patent gets into the wrong hands, a script written to link our emote app to the Vive controllers could be prevented from being put on the marketplace.

Just like the poor Comingle guys were forced to cancel their cute open-source-dildo project just because some jerk managed to get “a system that permits an operator to have interactive control of a sexual aid used to stimulate a recipient that is remotely located from the operator” patented in the 90ies’ wake of the internet:

While I might be able to live without fancy teledildonics the thought of every self-evident VR idea being hogged by patent trolls horrifies me!

So let’s be quick in making all our VR notions known as “prior art” before the patent trolling hordes can rip them off :purple_heart: :sunglasses:


i did try


Yeah, there definitely need to be some major reforms in the patent system, one of which is they need to eliminate the policy of quantity of patents processed through vs quality of patents, and another is that they need to make it easier and quicker to nullify bogus, overbroad patents like that teledildonics one. oO


Although, wouldn’t that us patent in 98s expire this year anyway? I though it was 20 years.

Sounds like they are just trying to push to squeeze money as soon as possible, before the patent runs out.


True, but not less annoying.

Waiting 20 years in order to be allowed to illustrate our emotes app with particle symbols & direct them via the controllers renders the whole idea useless as it’s only needed to bridge the 2-5 years until we have decent (& imho patentable) face tracking in the HMDs.


Vives sold out in the US?


HiFi has already made it into academia!

Zizza, C., Starr, A., Hudson, D., Nuguri, S.S., Calyam, P. and He, Z., 2018, January. Towards a social virtual reality learning environment in high fidelity. In Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC), 2018 15th IEEE Annual (pp. 1-4). IEEE.