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https://acerrecertified.com/acer-windows-mixed-reality-headset-controllers-ah101-d8ey/ $399.99 to $149.99


inworldz closing


dont do the same with HiFi, please …


Can’t remember the last time I was there, but it’s still sad.



VRoid posted above will be using the VRM standard. I’m quite interested in seeing if existing virtual worlds like HiFi or VRChat will come to support it. It seems really popular in Japan. I see lots of virtual youtuber type apps supporting it already.

https://dwango.github.io/en/vrm/vrm_about/ https://dwango.github.io/en/vrm/


Apple trying…



IMO, “VR” is an over-used term in market-speak:

I differentiate between “Virtual Reality” and “Immersive Video” (both are quite valid things for what they do, but I don’t consider any form of IV - where you sit on a (virtual) rail looking around as the content takes you along, as true VR, which, I feel, requires more interaction to meet the definition. Adding a vibrating … chair or … other … marginally haptic devices to IV still does not quite push it into VR territory to me). YMMV :wink:


I agree with VikiAi QuckTime VR isn’t real VR


Docu about secondlife and our virtual selves by drax which also has a small bit about hifi (starting at 57.08). I even saw Xaos in a screenshot! (at 19:12)


2013 Philip


Wow! Just having stepped out of this wild VR crowd experience at the stresstest it’s hard to believe that this talk has happened only five years ago!
Looking forward to what’s gonna happen within the next five years :purple_heart: :sunglasses:
(& would love to see this chaotic particle cloud effect on the marketplace ;-))



Google Open-Sources “Filament” PBR Engine Using Vulkan/OpenGL:



Uff, If I only had the know how, I’d give it a shot of swapping the graphics engine with that.


It’s also an Apache license. I suggest OGRE … It’s much more mature and is better documented.


Because Google are so caring and catch free?



NVIDIA Announces Open-Source Material Definition Language Software Development Kit:

Appears to be on the The 3-Clause BSD License:



Will be exploring this next. It seems to be picking up Steam. So building support for it via Blender next is only natural, although ideally they’d want platforms to support it directly (which is difficult given the bone structure differences) Been reading up on how to do so.