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BitCoin explained, thanks to Reddit.


LOL +20 characters :wink:



Just seen it. Waiting for that card.

Then i can finaly spend some price money reserved special for a new graphics card. But decided to skip the 1080. Own a GTX980 now


Ray Tracing & Deep Learning supported Rendering is definitely a GPU’s Quantum Leap!

The prices are fair.

& VR looks amazing with it.

I’m drooling :purple_heart::sunglasses:





I am surprised that No one is talking about Oculus Santa Cruz.

Also Magic Leap one tear down.


Here you go ! :rofl:



@Xaos in Paris :wink:


This is flattering!
Thank you so much for posting it @DrFran :purple_heart::sunglasses:


not sure if this plays outside the uk


The only ones who will have made money are probably those who started this.
Predicting a collapse per market inanition. They wont have too invest too much in developpemt before the big wake up happen.



i still want gloves not wands


Yes, waiting for Knuckles in great expectation…



Quote “Why would anyone spend real money to buy land in a city that only exists in virtual reality?”

The funniest thing here is it doesnt even exist in virtual reality, it is still not possible to log into Decentraland, so these people are buying virtual land off the plan in a world that hasnt even proven that it can host avatars yet.
(not to mention low rez, low poly, no detail.)
This was some hype at the begining of the year when the Bitcoin hype hadn’t yet burst, this is now speculation on speculation, way double your risk factor lol.


damn i didnt know u couldnt go in it lol. and why werent u at the burning man event. I wanted to stand at the edge and judge the young people for having fun even twink vanished .Hifi needs more miserable bastards like me