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I just found out about another Virtual World platform that uses JavaScript. Virtual World Framework and Virtual World Sandbox collaborative authoring tool based off of the VWF. They work in your browers and don’t require any plugins. They don’t seem to be vary popular so far but they are DoD projects so have government money.


It’s browser based. Not the best choice to get a high framerate and not waste resources.

Bigger problem, do not think it’s VR useable with low lstency.




Done some quick looking around. Not sure if it’s really worth the extra money. compared to 1080TI. Need to se more tests. Preferrable one in elite with VR on surface with SRV near guardian base.





Buy HFC ???



Why the ??? we know that it is possible to change HFC to US$ via paypal during bank hours. The only catch right now is that the Bank Hours are not suited for European users. A friend of mine wanted to exchange HFC to paypal but found that Bank Hours were around 4AM his local time, so completely unconvenient.

If HF want to have it payable to paypal and viceversa they should make it an automatic task to be possible on the website… Otherwise it is almost useless…


First, that article started with the header

You can now buy and sell High Fidelity currency

As far i know you can at this moment on SELL HFC.
Problem with that is what you say, for europe the bank hours can be bad.


Yep you are right. The article is misinformed and misleading. Maybe somebody should tell the writer to fix it.


It’s interesting development.


This is incredibly huge… not just for gamers. This brings Windows app compatibility just one step closer on Linux. This could just be the Windows OS killer once Wine or some other incorporates the new code.


I like to see everything running without wine. i really hate wine on linux the days i tried it. also it runs very bad windows software. and bigger problem. the fonts are terrible small in wine.

The way steam, is trying todo it is much more interesting.

No forum, this is not the same similair text i posted before. let’s see if it’s now happy. This forum can be so annoying. useles 20 char limit and now complain about a simmilar post i made already. Pfff.

Now it must be different.




Here is an article that seems a mite… alarmist in some of its assessment (Mark of the Beast? Are you fucking serious?!?) such that I want to smack the writer upside the head with a clue-by-four (no, its not The Mark of the Beast until they force you to swear allegiance to the Antichrist in order to buy and sell, merely jacking into the Net isn’t the mutherfrakking Mark of the Beast! OO) but does mention some interesting technological developments being brought to us by the military… and this is tech that I WANT to see, so long as there’s a way to shield one’s self from, say, outside hackers and spies poking around inside your head.

edit: Actually, looking at it again, it seems to be mostly the section headers that are a mite over the top, the actual article contents are a bit more levelheaded.


New processes about to come out from Intel first the motherboards for some reason

looks like there’s plenty of bandwidth and less latency