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Eeeeewww. i hate avatars like that.


It’s just anything you can make feel like you
A few sliders that anyone can do
Self is so important


…and could be a minimal avatar provider… that would make at least one.


And what happend with all the plans around morph3D and the avatars ? I never did hear anything about it after the last testing a year ago or so.

  • Is it still useable in high fidelity. Does the license not changed ?
  • Is it still free ?
  • It could make things more easy, if the improved things.

Or where Morph3D testing something for later use in sansar ? Yes i say that because the sliders in sansar where are as problematic as the ones morph3D used.


At least it’s clear what the goal is… Chatting with avatars…


A simple app in HF could do such customizable avatars, (even in full body).
That would be at least better than the wooden mannequin to offer to new be.
( An not very far from what Sansar really offer from scratch.)

Let say we start with 2 simple low polygons rigged bodies (one male one female, tuxedo and cocktail dress), a variety of head shapes, some hairs models, some accessories. Material entities to color that. No sliders. Aiming for a very low rez avatar that could be useful for very crowdy events.

Just an idea…


The trouble with low-poly avatars is the limbs don’t bend quite right.


Recent Vive Tracker Changes






Its about time, been waiting over 4 years. Got the stem bundle plus 2 extra trackers worth over 500 dollars. Fingers crossed though



I would never get a 2070. the 2080 not ti version is the lowest 2080 i would buy. Still in research if i want one.


Will wait till I see a video of someone using one in hifi and it do anything better than I get


Introducing SteamVR Motion Smoothing

Sounds like it s make sense with a Vive.
I need to update to 416.16


I have read it. shame it’s in the beta.
So i need to wait. Not using steamVR beta. it seems to create problems with software

Updating nvidia driver


In VR it s enable it now automatic for me.
I need to do soon some more stress tests to figure out if its help, so far all works.