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Impressive… how to kill the appetite for discovery…

(When I think that I have a domain (Wothal) with a 20 km wide setup that is only 34.8 Mb )


24GB is to much ! Think i can guess what bad experience that is. But it keeps a fact that experiences or domains will be bigger to load then what secondlife do.

I need to read the article, but the same can happen on high fidelity domains where you download some day 24GB.

At the other side buy a game on steam and you need to diwnload 15gb easy for the game. Problem is i think that sansar not have a realtime updater and with experience update you download everything again ?


As domains get more complex there is always the worry that download times will become a barrier to entry for some into certain experiences. There are many ways that this could be addressed, like asset load ordering and settings for minimum assets for viable experience, but 2 that I think would be very useful to offer would be:

  • Ability to essentially install a domain. For extremely complex domains, for instance if a domain implemented functionality of a game, there could be the option to download and install that domains assets outside the main interface. Much like downloading a game on steam, it could be downloaded in the background even when the interface wasn’t open and then the domain would have it’s assets pre-cached from the download.
  • Similar to above, but instead on the goto app have an option to load/cache a domains assets before going there. That way you could continue interacting with users in your current location whilst the destination assets are downloaded in the background, rather that looking at a loading screen.


Caching is a great idea for downloading in the background but the biggest problem that everybody’s got right now They do not have small downloads then download stuff in the background what you can’t see that’s what really should be happening sounds like they have a technical challenge like everybody else most people hate loading screens and they’re not willing to wait totally understandable and it breaks immersion on desktop and vr


I agree I hate loading screens, especially in VR as it completely breaks the immersion. What you mention is akin to what i referred to as “asset load ordering and settings for minimum assets for viable experience”. I actually think this wouldn’t be too technically challenging to implement, although that’s from my outside naive view. As a starter rather than trying to do anything automagically as it were with not loading things that you can’t see, the responsibility for configuration could be put on the domain owner. Essentially:

  • Add ability to set a priority load ordering on assets in the domain so that they load based on the creators definition of importance.
  • Either define at entity level a setting as to whether the domain is usable without that entity, or if the ordering above were numeric what value in the load ordering would the domain be usable. By tweaking this setting you could have the user able to walk around as soon as floor entity loaded, or force them to wait for everything with a loading screen, or anywhere in between.

This would then allow domain creators to set all the entities around the spawn point to be highest load priority, and say that once they are loaded you are then free to start using the domain whilst the remaining assets load in the background in priority order.



The controllers still look like a fragile part of the set.
Compared to my HTC Vive.




Just to add to the discussion, I did another quick analysis on how much TheSpot needs in order to load (as per the incoming loading screen). My estimate is roughly 188MB, with roughly 50MB due to the avatars in Help. I plan to work on some better tools to help identify the heavyweight items.

Of the 188MB, about 12MB seems to have caching issues. No idea why.


Are we using .GLTF or .GLB at all for assets ? Because if we can use that we might be able to get the asset size down a few more megabytes :slight_smile:


I think there is some GLTF support for static models, but that’s as much as I know. As for KTX compatibility, I don’t know if the oven understands the format. I’d assume it reads off the same functions as interface since the two are compiled together in the same package, but I digress.



Cybershoes has developed a pair of slippery shoes enabling gamers to easily walk in virtual reality (VR). Designed to attach to the underneath of any shoe, the Cybershoes have a roller on the underside to track movement, all users need to do is naturally move their legs as if they were walking – whilst seated – to move virtually.



Intel processors are impacted by a new vulnerability that can allow attackers to leak encrypted data from the CPU’s internal processes.

AMD is probably affected as well


Make Your Splash in Blender 2.8 Beta https://youtu.be/KF_KtL0lSiE


The change you get problems with this looks small. The keep that part a bit hidden in clouds or need more reading.

It feels more like a new advertise way to let people buy new hardware. There’s one problem. i think there’s no hardware that not have this problem.

The patches from the last problem i think affect my system more then the real bug ever did. Some things run slower this days.


Manual bastion outta money

If only we had money and really needed an open source avatar solution


letting the person take control of their own data seems like a great idea and is long due can’t wait to see what the solutions are and another people come up with