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There some great ideas in the software add-on for blender I hope they get the support they need I still think high fidelity should talk to the Manuel Bastioni Laboratory



At the conference, Berners-Lee encountered some skepticism. One audience member asked how Solid ensures consumers really have control over data when companies need to have it on their own systems to actually get some work done. Another asked where the boundary is between personal data and company data, given that companies really need data to operate.

Berners-Lee acknowledges there’s a gray area. Companies, though, need to be conscious of the boundary, at least in Europe, because of the GDPR that requires among other things that individuals may get a copy of the data those companies have on them.

Don’t mix control and ownership; that’s not the same thing. I have to agree that the concept really doesn’t seem to hold much water in actual control (since the data STILL has to be accessed somehow and doing it on a network, which can fail at any time, is begging for disaster). That and the whole idea is letting ONE entity control all information on behalf of the user to control to other services… which is an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

The only way I can see it even remotely working is with the system having the user hold the key to the information they put on their system, in which the user uses the key to moderate and adjust things, such as creating new mini-profiles containing the information they wish to pass on to another service, along with the key needed to decrypt that information, unique to the bond between the profile and the service. When the user wishes to terminate the access of information, they just remove the profile made or invalidate the key.

However, in that case, the information is still held on by a central entity, which will always end up being the underlining problem. You pretty much just have to trust and assume nothing bad will happen and hope the system respects the users’ requests, which is the same for any other service.



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