VR Shopping Cart in HiFi


I was a bit late to see this so I have shared here in the event someone missed it:


Ah very cool
I love the creativity of this project Its so good to see people thinking outside of the second life template way of doing things.
I thought the swiping the card to pay thing was cool and the integration of the record to make the review was fantastic.
Like someone commented on YouTube the build could use a little work , but I think that really wasn’t the point of the video.We need more of this stuff
nice work
Click on the box to purchase is dead, it’s about time :slight_smile:


This video reminded me of my human interface days at Apple and Microsoft. I liked it, and it brought to light some checkout process issues. Generally when you bring your purchases to a retail store for checkout, you roll the cart near the cashier. They then remove the items, not you. This demonstrated flow was the discount shopping store where you have to grab items out of the cart onto the self-service scanner. It requires a higher level of skill to grab, move, drop items onto the pricing station. You could see the person (the shopper) in the video struggling to move the items. That extra bit of work could tip over a person into the “I don’t like it” zone.


Intressting. Talked about this while ago.