VRChat thoughts


VRChat is pretty similar to High Fidelity, and has undergone a lot of growth in last few weeks, some of which is due to a PewDiePie youtube video.

Has anyone tried it? What do you think?


I do. It was better than a few month ago now that we can truly walk. (and faster then in Sansar)
They seems to have the same challenges. (regarding avatar and complexity to build)


I can’t textchat in it. So that sucks.

The audience of VR Chat seems to be way younger than High Fidelity’s, and consists mostly of gamers.
I used to think HiFi should do more to attract that audience (by licensing videogame characters as avatars and putting them in the store for free, etc) but in the last year my thoughts completely changed on that. We’re better off without them. HiFi would become a toxic wasteland if they started flooding in here. If it wasn’t for VR Chat’s very strict moderation, you’d get called a slur every 5 seconds by these people.


I’ve been there a few times here’s some pros:

  • Great descriptive name of the product helps people understand what to do there
  • Borrowing of Unity developer community momentum is a good thing
  • Good first time user experience, simple and obvious
  • Interesting mini games and interactive stuff


same for me and:
Easy and good UI in VR


Well, the avatars are a lot like HiFi, where you can be anything you want to be (as long as you have the technical knowledge to create and rig your own avatar). Yes, it’s busy. I do find it ironic that the busiest areas in two of the most popular VR-capable virtual worlds, AltspaceVR and VRChat, are centred around that most primitive of gathering places, the campfire.

I get the impression that VRChat is overrun with children/teenagers who are borrowing Mommy and Daddy’s VR headsets and looking for something to do with them. (Rec Room is like this too.) VRChat does seem to be on the ball when it comes to events and promotion, however.

I maybe go in once a month or so, then I get tired of it and I log off. There’s not enough there to keep me, and I’m not interested in the games they offer.


I did a couple of excursions there a few weeks back, aside from last visiting it back in DK1 days.

They have a good starting tutorial, and UI is simple, but straight forward.

Its definitely a more younger audience. Lots of avatar choices due to good rigging support from Unity, but about 95% of the avatars are mere copies from games among other things, they might be having issues later on if companies ever to try to get models taken down.

However due to it being unity, they have pretty good easy to use shaders, and the mecanim, so there tends to be quite alot of Anime characters in use. Quite a few of them are from sources like Mikumiku dance among others, and they have straight forward simulation of bones, thanks to mecanim so its much simpler to do.

This tends to feed to the community so they go do alot of in/world Light Role-playing (without just talk based play, not rolling or playing a game), and less focused on Content Creation.

Otherwise, socially they have quite a lot of people. Occasionally tad bit more immature, but thats a given with population growth and age bracket. Most of the users I’ve seen tend to be Desktop users, especially since the population explosion, but this also supports the HMD users as they also stick around as there are more people to talk to / talk play with.

They have a lot of good shims that allow desktop users to also interact with objects that normally would be used by VR users. Which is a good thing to have as it keeps population in. (its a topic we have tried to get in quite a bit for a long time), and there are things to do for both HMD users and VR users at the same time.

Their HUB also has a nice cycling teleporters to other peoples areas, allowing for faster discoverability.
But as of late, their most popular area has been the pub PUG, where all sorts of discussions go around in different tables. They also have a lot more dense and more uniform (not just US time) events throughout the week which also helps to.keep people in.

And then since the build tools are unity, people are more confortable getting on creating things. But again, due to the amount of people, people there tend to be just fooling around socially, working around with existing content than creating new content.


Think the question is what makes people return.i can go to sansar or altspace anytime but I don’t people will feel the same about here 2 . A lot of faff for little satisfaction. What we need is an archery game no wait Americans don’t get sarcasm
What we need is functionality
Don’t make it more like second life make it more like PowerPoint. Functionality we can use for something


I’ve spent quite a lot of time in VRChat and have gotten to know some of the characters there (Gunter, VR Pill, long list). When I first began my explorations there the Sunday meet ups where you tour open worlds - were great fun and something I think HiFi should do when there are more people. And that they had them staggered on Sundays or over the weekend for people in different time zones.

Yes, there are a ton of kids/gamers. I find them a nuisance - and they have made it difficult to bring folks in for the first time (even with the protective bubbles on). In the future I’m sure there will be more filtered experiences for people like me that are bothered by the volume of kids screaming and gaming and wanting to break barrels over my head and those of my guests there.

I like a lot of the things they have going - the working film studio and art gallery open to all. And so many highly creative and unique worlds to explore. They are a great group of people running VRChat - and it will be fun to watch and be apart of their growth.

Even though it’s very early for HiFi - the beta stage - I feel most comfortable planning businesses and projects here and I’m lining up clients who want to do business in HiFi. Love the long term thinking here, the quality of the people that do poke their heads in to explore. HiFi is based on the clearest and most exciting vision (Philip and his core team) that inspires me to want to be a part of.


What is really amazing to me is how much attention that someone like PewDiePie can bring to a platform.


58,145,897 subscribers

This silly recent VRChat video: I KEEP GETTING RECOGNIZED… In VR - VR Chat #0001
got 2,632,026 views! And watching it reminds me of the aspects of VRChat I don’t like.


It would be easy to discount the recent boom in VRChat users by saying they were lucky that PewDiePie did a video that featured the platform. It would also be easy to discount all of these new users as being young kids in desktop mode. There is of course more to the story.

The truth is that the VRC user base had been steadily growing for a long time prior to the PewDiePie video. Back in September, they were regularly hitting 100 concurrent users shortly before the announcement of the HTC $4 million in funding. In the years prior to this, there had been slow and steady progress of building the community foundation. I believe the key to building that foundation were consistent community focused events that were nurtured by the mighty efforts of Gunter and VRPill. These events were always about the users and for a long time the regular Sunday meetups included an introduction circle where everyone got to know each other. The connections made at these meet-up led to long term friendships among the users while also forming a broad support base for creating user generated content.

Having Unity as the backbone for creating user content is huge. It is easier to find answers and needed resources when you are using the biggest free development engine. I think the barrier to getting UGC into Hi-Fi is pretty high. I’ve heard from many that they had a lot of difficulty trying to take the initial step of just getting an avatar into Hi-Fi. VRC still has a learning curve but it is a bit easier using Unity.

VRC now has a vast number of users creating content on a regular basis, including avatars, items, worlds and events. Coverage on YouTube has exploded and not just from PewDiePie. There are easily over 50 videos a day being made by users and other big YouTubers like Nathie and LaurenZside to name a couple. It would be great for the other Social VR platforms to catch fire but it is essential to give the users the tools they need to build their own vision of the metaverse. You can’t prescribe that for them.


Avatar is the key…


Just saw this tweet from VRChat today.


This continued surge has been incredible. There are new highs in concurrent users almost daily. Yesterday peaked at 2666. The most recent trend has been Twitch streamers bringing VRChat to a much larger audience. Some nights these streams have had over 40k in viewers.


They just had their very large New Year’s Celebration in there - they recreated a version of Times Square - they keep growing fast…just got this update from VR Pill on their Discord channel:


It’s exciting for us all to see this growth! I think High Fidelity can provide different capabilities and experiences that will be of interest and use for lots of people, and I’d be interested to hear more what sorts of things people want here on seeing/using VRChat.


First off I love your continued attitude of cheering on VRChat’s growth/success and for HiFi to pick up ideas from them of what they’re doing right - and deciding which of those ideas can be implemented on the HiFi platform. I love VRChat for what it is and can do and their explosive growth - but HiFi is where I’ll be investing most of my time and resources over the years. A few ideas I’ll drop in the hat:

  • Having a cool, colorful cafe on Avatar Island where people can meet and hang out in - or to take a breather from shopping. Maybe music nights there and other entertainments. Akin to the Great Pub in VRChat but for grownups.

  • Weekly tours of HiFi - at set times so new people have a place to go that is fun and can provide more of a feel for the world and to create a sense of excitement of what’s possible with the HiFi platform (I volunteer to set this up and pay for) I’ve had such fun with VRPill’s 2 extremely well attended weekly meet-ups on Sundays in VRChat. Have met a lot of interesting folk at these meet-ups.

  • Signs around HiFi - or on Avatar Island - showing open worlds to explore with descriptions about what’s there, maybe info about the world builder (promote them and their skills) And/or open portals placed around that have rotating selections of worlds to explore. Clear, 1 click and you’re there.

  • More privately owned Avatar shops. I know the demo Avatar Shop is a fantastic start and will have signs directing visitors to other shops when they exist. I think the more the better. Count me in on starting and financing one of these.



Thinks either you guys have so much money that users aren’t and will continue not to be an issue or I’m missing something.the user base hasn’t grown .the call for a customisable avatars a robust interdomain text chat and even a decent sit script have fallen on deaf ears .
What good is HFC without customers
Vr chat doesn’t have these things either but at least they know how to have a good time
I paid for my place names again this month clutching to the dream. That I’m not wasting my time here
I can’t work for nothing forever

They are basically the same as us just with six thousand people a day

Waaa I hope the android build is spectacular. Normal people only have phones


I’m looking at the work I’m wanting to do with HiFi long term. None of my projects will be money makers short term. I have tons of clients in my real life work - that will support my adventures in HiFi. I love the Vision of HiFi - and I’m patient. Some of the technology projects I’ve tackled over the years have taken many years to implement…many panned out, some didn’t.

Judas - I hear what you’re saying and btw love the work you’ve done that I’ve seen. But, I’m interested and some of my clients are interested in experimenting and exploring early and love the idea of being in there now to start seeing what’s possible for them. I am one of those older, very early explorers that in the 1980’s set up and ran a holography company, then laser entertainment company, then decades of work in the technology field, etc. …discovered VR in the 1990’s and now I’m coming around again to see what’s possible with HiFi and other social VR worlds with my improved skill set and professional network.

I love the HF platform and feel the most comfortable here. But as I’ve said (I think) in other posts - it’s similar to finding myself in a Walt Disney parking lot (I used to live across the street from their Orlando, FL one) - as Disney was in its early stages of being built and made a fuss about Disney not being fully operational there…yet.