Vrhost.io Now Offering HiFi Server Hosting


Sale! Use coupon HIFIFORUMS for $50 off setup fee at checkout. Good until Nov. 30 2017


Vrhost.io is offering dedicated and VPS Highfidelity server hosting

Our bare metal dedicated servers are running on an optimized enterprise-grade network and located in a secured tier 3 datacenter in Chicago, IL.

Included with all servers:

  • Free updates
  • Access to server admin web page

Builders VPS Package (for low traffic domains)
$150 Setup / $120 per month

  • KVM VPS, 6 CPU Core Access @ 3.3GHz, 8 GB RAM, 200GB SSD Storage, 7TB Bandwidth

Developers VPS Package (for low traffic domains)
$150 Setup / $180 per month

  • KVM VPS, 6 CPU Core Access @ 3.3GHz, 12 GB RAM, 250GB SSD Storage, 8TB Bandwidth

16GB Dedicated Server Package ( for higher traffic domains )
$550 Setup / $300 per month

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 CPU (or better), 16GB Memory, 1TB WD SATA Drive, 5TB 1Gbps
  • Dedicated server - No domain stacking guaranteed

32GB Dedicated Server Package ( for higher traffic domains )
$650 Setup / $300 per month

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 CPU (or better), 32GB Memory, 1TB WD SATA Drive, 5TB 1Gbps
  • Dedicated server - No domain stacking guaranteed

Bandwidth Options (billed monthly, dedicated servers only):

  • 5TB (included free)
  • 10TB +$40
  • 15TB + $75
  • 20TB + $100
  • unmetered +$120

Here is an article explaining the difference between Dedicated and VPS servers.

Other configurations also available.
Please allow up to 48 hours for server setup.

Feel free contact me here with any questions!



That’s pretty steep man… MacMiniVault is $30/month. Is the Xeon with 32 really necessary?


and what OS is it running? If it is Ubuntu the reliability alone is reason enough to stay away… What I want is a Windows Pro Sandbox that I can RDP into, can you provide that?

I can handle the setup, a grand is enough to keep me out.


It depends on how many avatars you plan on hosting all at once. We will be offering a cheaper solution soon for users who just want to host just a few avatars at a time (similar to Second Life homesteads). We will also be offering much larger packages that spread a HiFi domain over multiple dedicated servers.

No, we are providing Highfidelity servers and services (like Second Life sims), not shell accounts. What you should be looking for is dedicated server hosting that you can set up and maintain yourself.


We have added some lower cost alternatives to full dedicated servers. The Builders and Developers packages run on KVM VPS rather than dedicated.

Here is an article explaining the difference between Dedicated and VPS servers.


Thanks for that… I renegotiated our prices and we have been able to lower the setup fee to the same setup fee Second Life offers. Dedicated servers now have a $500/$600 setup fees rather than $1000


As an example, (and believe me I understand how important you are to the community, hell I use your work when deploying on Ubuntu) I think I should point out this option:

Mac mini i7 16GB
New Late-2014 Model
3.0GHz dual-core i7
16GB DDR3 Memory
1TB Hard Drive

This includes UNLIMITED bandwidth, and at the end of the term you own the computer, not to mention that it was dedicated the whole time, doesn’t bother with Ubuntu failures (I quit hosting on Linux entirely for this reason), the Mac can be imaged with Windows for free, and that HD upgraded to SSD very easily. At this point we are talking about a difference of two cores, and I don’t think Hifi receives the traffic necessary to warrant even $100/month. My 2012 mini is hosting a world with 800+ entities over 30km on 15mbps up.

My concern is that this post would be off putting to a guy like me a month ago that didnt know any better, when the reality is a stack of Raspberry Pi’s or VMs can do all this just as easily at a fraction of the cost.

I understand your value prop, but it should be targeted at businesses, not forum users. That is for me the ultimate question. Does anyone really believe Hifi is ready for commercial use?

I’ve seen no indication that anyone that works in the upper echelons of Hifi is ever in it. This is the same problem Twitter has, for the record. This is a playground, and nobody is wanting to drop real dollars on a system that can’t return them…


The dedicated servers are targeted to business users. There probably won’t be many for some time but we are offering it anyway. Pretty much everybody I knew in Second Life who had a full sim were either running a business or just had deep pockets for their hobby. They are likely to be the only ones looking for dedicated servers to host that many avatars. Casual users will probably only need the low-end VPS servers.

Also, I would like to mention that we plan on adding a lot of optional free services to these servers such as chat, security controls, audio/video streaming, classifieds, event directories, search and avatar profiles. We aren’t just creating a hosting service we are creating a service network (although the services will be under a different business name). Many of these services will be available to any HiFi server no matter who hosts it, but our customers will receive all these services for free and a few that aren’t available anywhere else.

I really think hosting in HiFi will all boil down to who offers the best services, and we intend to be the ones who do that.

As far as lack of people… that’s fine… we are still in development anyway. But hey we can say we have been hosting since 2017 whether we have customers or not. It’s good to be early, build a brand and earn trust by the time the other 50000 Second Lifers get here all wanting to do the same thing.


The forum could use a hosting services section . People will want them but not have the patience to dig to find them


Website will be open for business once legal documents are complete (Terms of Service, etc).


Congrats, looks interesting. I’m glad you are thinking about a sustainable pricing model, even though it seems like alot it’s not that much compared to other SAAS hosts for business applications.

I would try to target new-to-vr customers as a priority rather than those migrating from SL, as the value proposition is apples to oranges at this stage.

With SL you are buying into the network of paying customers for 300/mo and this is proving to be too much to handle even in SL for entrepreneurs, until we have an economy the business cases for this would be commercial simulations or events.


That’s a good point you have there. Making it easy to use for newbies would certainly help.


I looked all over the site for a reference image. Suggestion maybe to include one for curious potential patrons?


Good call man! Thanks!


I have direct access to ‘impressive amounts’ of bandwidth and while I wouldn’t likely need hosting; I am interested in your ‘additional services to other domains’ might jot down a bit of info on those as well.

Developers section for API inquiries?



That’s another really good idea.




As a business owner with a month of experience in Hifi, I can say with 100% certainty that I would never deploy on a $5 Lightsail image to whatever it is you are selling if they are running Ubuntu. You should be up front about how unstable Hifi and Hifi on Ubuntu is. I don’t know about last night’s release because I don’t mess with Ubuntu anymore, but the release before broke Ubuntu Sandboxes to the point Omega had to post that nobody should upgrade (not realistic). If your entire offer is built around a system that can be taken down with an update, what is your refund policy? You certainly can’t have an uptime guarantee…


So… That was pretty easy to do.


To be clear - that post I made in reference to RC57 (I think it was) applied equally to Windows and MacOS as the issue was in all – I only warned users of my Ubuntu package as I feel a (minor) sense of responsibility to them.

Three years of this and I can say this without pause - Ubuntu + HiFi’s server code is absolutely fine unless HiFi breaks it. Stability and performance is > with properly built binaries on Ubuntu than, admittedly old at this point, comparisons I did to Windows and MacOS.

If I were running a hosting business (no thanks – my feeling is there’s no profit in this, but that’s just me) – I’d pretest whatever latest RC build spews forth, looking over all the QA notes posted publicly for its lineage in github and do a QA before pushing it out to my paying customers regardless of that leading to a lag in being compat with whatever HF pushes.