VRPN / Polhemus Fastrak


Hello Everyone,
I’m new to highfidelity and this forum. I’m curious if there are any plans to support other VR-hardware, such as the polhemus fastrak, or Ascension Flock? I’ve used VRPN in the past and perhaps this may be the route to take.
Thank you.


Most of the development has been focused on developing for the current generation consumer ones, such as the Rift and the Vive. Ascension Flock (of Birds) and Polhemus Fastrack havent really been that available for Consumers. So far, Perception Neuron has been integrated, but that is the exception of the norm, mostly because it was kickstarted by a bunch of developers.

However High Fidelity is opensource and both the Vive (via OpenVR) and the Rift have been integrated via plugins into the engine with additional input hardware such as the Perception Neuron.

So its just a matter of someone doing the code for them :slight_smile: