Walk.js put me in fly/hover mode on balcony


Ok, it seems walk.js is putting me in fly mode when i step on my balcony. Made the floor already thicker, but that is not fixing the problem.

When i stop walk.js it looks like the difference between inside and outside is gone. But then you keep in default pose everywhere. beside mixamo avatars need walk.js


Hmm, that’s odd - the walk script simply measures the distance between your avi’s hips and the nearest surface below. If the distance is more than the length of your legs, it assumes you are flying / hovering.

So I can only guess that the balcony surface distance is not being reported correctly by JavaScript for some reason, perhaps something to do with thd new collision hulls?

I’m working on ‘day job’ projects at the moment, but will try to free up some time to investigate further over the next few days.

  • davedub


Well, no hurry @davedub Just found it strange.
I also need to add the building on both servers.
for now i only use the heavy one when it’s really get invaded.

It’s just another small problem. not to annoying. It get fixt.

@davedub i get the same problem in the sandbox !