Walking, running, flying: can we have more options for controls and speed?


All of these actions happen at very different speeds and not all of these actions are even available, natively, in HMD.


Flying with a friend is impossible in either HMD or Desktop. The fly speed is so fast, and since flying requires navigating your height as well as your forward/back motion, and it all happens so fast, it’s very difficult and clunky to tour a domain with a friend if both of you want to fly. Would be great to have something like 2-3 speed controls for flying, so we could more easily fly together. Flying through a domain in HiFidelity is one of the most exciting uses of the platform. I spend a ton of time flying. But I’m never able to share that experience with friend. I’ve tried over and over, it’s just too fast and too easy to get separated.

Running in HMD is too convoluted. We shouldn’t need to run a script from the marketplace to run in HMD. And since most people using desktop switch from walking to running constantly, it’s difficult to tour a domain with a friend when I’m in HMD and they are in desktop. They run, I can’t keep up. So then I fly. Right past them, going three times the speed they are running.

Seems to me what would be ideal is that each form of locomotion would have two or three speeds and we would have access to those speeds intuitively in both desktop and HMD mode.

Walk: no speed control
Run: slow jog, fast sprint
Fly: slow, medium, fast

What do you all think?


I do agree. It’s important for HMD to have many locomotion speed.

I would like also a way to lock/unlock the head steering from my controller. I like it when I’m alone but if we want to walk and talk with someone, it would be fun to be able to look at this person without bump into him/her.


Still waiting for native running.
Right now i still cannot run, how many times i tried it.

Still need to get the run script. silly it’s still needed.

For flying, i like it. but in a group i can understand that it need a gearbox. So the top speed is limited.