Wallet never working


My wallet has never worked so I can’t get anything from the store. I checked that my private key is located in my User -> AppData/Roaming/HighFidelity/Interface/


I logged out and logged in, in VR mode using Steam. This gave me the ability, finally, to get free stuff from the market place. So no more error as seen above.

Although, someone tried to send me HFC and I did NOT receive it. Balance still 0.
Can someone help?


Should probably tag someone that knows about the wallet or grab a greeter by the arm in world: It may take a bit for you get a response.

CC: @ChangX


Did you set up more than 1 wallet, e.g. by setting up the wallet app on two different machines? If so, the HFC might have been transferred to the other wallet. I had an issue with that.