Want microphone mute notification back next to Signal meter


Not charmed of the removal of the indicator next to the signal bar that the microphone is muted. That one where good to see if your microphone is muted or not. I did not used the button anymore. But i used the indication, clear read or white is easy to spot. And i think am not alone @MichelleLeckrone

The new mute and unmute is a bad thing as indicator.

  • First problem is that the color of the button not change.
  • Second problem is that the text is so tiny it’s not easy to spot if your muted or unmuted.
  • Third problem is that the bar always moves around on your screen and in hud it’s a few times worse.

I want a better indication when the microphone is muted or unmuted then how it’s since the last beta, Or a better indication when it’s muted.

Extra note, i use the mute/unmute button in the panel always to mute/unmute. because size. I do not use that button as feedback because it’s not easy to notice.

ADD: Is it possible to color that button in some not to red if muted ,
or thick red border around the edge? The hide button change from color to.


We’re standardizing our built in UI to have a more consist “larger icon” view…

But I hear, you, which is why we’ve made the system configurable and customizable… if you’d like a different UI, you could always write your own script to have a colorful overlay of your choosing.


But isn’t the volume meter part of the C++ code?


Yes – but that will likely be going away soon too… the info needed to render it is either already exposed via scripts and/or will be exposed via scripts.

The VU meter was never intended to be a permanent fixture on the screen… more and more of our “overlay” elements are being removed, since they were really intended for debugging, and they break presence when in the HMD.


Can you give us a summary of the end goal and look of these changes? I can understand your thinking that a number of the telltales were for debugging purposes, but what is the goal of HF the company in terms of what interface looks like not customized by our own scripts of our choosing. Just trying to get a sense of what the standard UI and UX will turn out to be. Can you point us to a design doc where this is described? That would be helpful.


I agree with this. If the QML stuff is to be deprecated; how will UI be accomplished? Curious… thanks in advance.