Wanted: Who reported "#19650 Windows crash on audio"?


I’m after the “#19650 Windows crash on audio” issue. The bug does not occur on both of my windows testmachines.

So I need to get in contact with the original reporter of that issue. Please post here or PM me. Thanks.


@giulio reported the issue https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/windows-users-who-are-unable-to-log-in/227/25 I also get it on a spare PC that I have got that you could have a look at.


I sent @Talent​Raspel the last crash report and system specs. Another useful diagnostic info is that I don’t seem to have any High Fidelity stuff in AppData\Roaming (in particular, no interface.ini). I only have two HF folders (High Fidelity and Interface) in AppData\Local.