Was the Marketplace Purged?


Seems to be alot less stuff there atm. :S I guess ill resubmit my torches and pitchforks after some time


Hmm, it looks like many items are lost yes. Sofar i rememeber more working items where on the marketplace.


Hi Guys,

I need to update you. We are in the process of getting ready for a beta release and will be going without a marketplace. It will be changed to something like “Examples”. We will have some examples of things that you can do up there. This is a short term solution while we work on a longer term upgraded ‘marketplace’.

I can go over this a little more on Friday, and we can come up with a place to store the external content.



@chris, does that mean existing models like the secret garden, which I have been using as my test-bed for the script assisted convex hull maker, is going to disappear? Will references in the amazon aws ozan directory disappear soon (or any other models several of us use from there)? Should I make private copies immediately? Or, am I about to lose months worth of work?


@Balpien.Hammerer , no links are being moved. Those will all still work.


No marketplace fits in with the everyone can steal everything instantly model we’re running with :smiley:


except for https://hifi-public.s3.amazonaws.com/ozan/sets/statelyHome/statelyHome.fbx and related materials and textures.