Wasd and inspect


Here comes a new update for inspect15_5.js: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48725104/inspect15_5.js

In the last days the moving keys fully haven’t worked, if the camera was in orbit, radial or panning mode, so I have finally added now also the avatar moving keys in the script:
// summer4me… modifications:
// radial mode = hold b +left mouse button
// orbit mode = hold n +left mouse button
// pan mode = hold v +left mouse button
// SPACE = switching between avatar and object inspection
// j = reset camera
// k = restore camera mode
// w,a,s,d,e,c = avatar moving, if pan, orbit or rotation mode is active
// until now is there a bug - MyAvatar.orientation is programmatically only to change from -0.7 to 0.7


The last builds for Mac have brought a new bug. If I change the MyAvatar.orientation.y, also the x and z component is changed. So here is a new update, where I set them to 0.0 after every change with a or d key. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48725104/inspect15_5.js


Now the rotation and the moving with the keys is ok. So here comes a new update https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48725104/inspect15_5.js

For me it dos work well and I’m really would be happy, if now somebody could test the script and give me some response, what dos work and what should be changed.

I use it often for shooting photos from different view and it is also usefully for building and posing.


Radial and Orbit on avatar works ok but not so good on object. I don’t think I can select objects yet. I tried in edit mode but my object Poof! gone.


Thanks @subongo for testing. One error, which I have had build in, I have corrected now. So that the avatar mode in edit works again. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48725104/inspect15_5.js

But with the object mode in edit I’m a bit helpless now. Edit moves the objects with right and left mouse button. This dos mean, a other script really can’t use the mouse in edit with an object. Wouldn’t be it enough, to move the object, if the right or the left mouse button is pressed, so that the other button for other scripts is free?


I think the Pan, Radial and Orbit or fine for looking at the avatar. But it would be great if you had buttons to view objects, Front, Left side, Right side, Back Top and bottom Orthographic just like in Blender.
Yeah Hifi has it’s own controls for editing an object but I think it is much better if you can switch to an orthographic view because it makes it easy to resize and check length.
I will let you know later how the the test for your new script was.


@subongo , if I something edit, then I switch of the edit mode to position the camera at the object. I hold the mouse at the object, which I want to focus, bring it in the right position and switch the edit mode on again. And yes, I will think about the views in edit mode.


It has taken me a few days to get used to the script in edit mode. I can rotate around objects without pressing the space bar.


Thats funny, then the script dos something, what I haven’t programmed in this way. :smile:


This could be because I am using windows. When you are in edit mode you can rotate around a selected object with the right mouse button. I think the scroll/middle mouse lets you pan.
It really takes a lot of time to get used to because the Interface is so unpredictable. Some times you change view or do something new and poof! all your works is gone.


Yes, if the object is selected through the edit mode and you move then your mouse, the object is moved through the edit script with right and left mouse button. So don’t select it, during the moving of the mouse. Only the bounds of the object must be seen.