We need for the stack-manager the same way of updating as interface


Ok, am stuck. and the stack-managaer is setup in terrible way that you get forced to update. you cannot revert back a version. So , am now have a problem i can only blame the faulty stack-manager for. But i wish i could revert 1 version back or 2. to see if the problem dissapears. many asked for a better way.

Made a worklist for it. https://worklist.net/20665


I see your point, however I think that auto-updating should probably be a toggle for both Stack Manager and Interface. When developing scripts, I generally want to be on the edge version. In fact, I spent enough time updating Interface every day that I had to write a node.js app to do it for me. So I actually love that Stack Manager auto-updates. But I can definitely see why you’d want to stay on a certain version and selectively update, for both applications. Therefore my suggestion is to make automatic updates an option for both apps.

Here’s a link to my attempt at an Interface auto-updater for Mac