We now have MP3 Support!


Somehow this slipped by a lot of us, but High Fidelity now supports MP3 files! You can now have longer audio tracks, which you can use with things like the Looping Sound Emitter. Just use the same way you would use a wave file


I have been doing conversions and submitting them to support for approval to reduce bandwidth requirements.

EDIT: These have been approved and are currently active. This has saved over 150MB in required bandwidth for TheSpot, though I will be running another test soon since it has been changed.

EDIT 2: TheSpot is now, collectively 182MB from a fresh system. The previous results were 288MB, with the radio’s WAV file being 169MB and being reduced to 15.3MB when I converted it to MP3.


i do all my streaming from vinyl :stuck_out_tongue:


If it isn’t on a wax cylinder, it isn’t the real thing!:crazy_face: