WEB audio fails?


Did I miss a change memo? My very simple WEB entity that points to http://magnatunes.com no longer plays WEB audio. It could easily be something I broke when uninstalling/reinstalling interface, but then it could be an alpha hork too.



We recently (several weeks at least) moved from QtWebKit to QtWebEngine. However, I’ve tried putting a Youtube web entity in my domain and it works with audio. How long ago did this change?


I tried a youtube vid and, yes, it also worked. What stopped working is: http://magnatune.com, the web site navigates but the audio does not stream. Now I wonder if its flash based.

As for when it changed, though I tested it today it could have been as much as 3 weeks ago. I’m not in-world to HF much lately.

[edit] I tried the magnatune.com site from a WEB browser that does not have flash enabled and it works fine. Pretty sure they use html5.