Web Browser Keyboard not working


when i create a web entity in VR i cant type anything in search cause the keyboard is not popping up.


It’s very hit and miss. I know that if you try to use Google, the search bar doesn’t cause the keyboard to show. This was why I added a manual keyboard summon button on my tablet browser.


Hello @LosAngelesGraff,

Going to share this with our client team, but can you tell me if there are certain sites you were trying where it doesn’t happen so we can reproduce the bug?

In the latest dev release, it seems to be a bit better for me, but the google search bar still doesn’t work, the yahoo one did with some inconsistencies between the stable and the dev release.


Also one of the reasons why the keyboard might not be working with some sites, is that we use injected JavaScript to let us know if a user has focused a text entity. There are a lot of sites that have a security policy to guard against this which can explain why the keyboard doesn’t pop up.

We are now looking into a few ways to work around this, so thank you for bringing it up.

If you could still send us some of the sites you were trying to test out, that would still be appreciated.


i was not doing much just looking at you tube


A solution I have with my own tablet-browser is to manually have a button to invoke the keyboard with {web}.keyboardRaised = !{web}.keyboardRaised. This way, the user can bring up the keyboard manually in cases of which the injector fails. This was something I had to overcome early on as my app uses Google as the default homepage.


i have only looked at google and youtube.
ill look around for other sites to see if any thing changes.


Just wanted to update this, but there was a PR just merged recently that will hopefully make this a bit better in an upcoming release.