"Web Camera" into VR-world



I think it would be a nice feature to inbedd a “Web Camera” in a browser site in order to let other people to look inside a VR-world without to be loged or have an account.


I think they already do that in the HF office.

The challenge is controlling the content. If they stream to youtube. Any time some one blasts a song through their mic, they’ll get a copy right notice.


High Fidelity is designed as far i know that it can be used without account or login. So people only need to install the software. For doing more you need account.


Than you!

By the way, not logging in is not the essential. But having an insight of a world without leaving the Web-browser, just to watch in real time what is happen like a Web camera would be an advantage e g to promote a world without forcing someone to install the necessary software.


Consider that whatever WEB plugin you write or adapt has to connect to a domain and then it has to render an image from all the scene assets around the virtual location. That is what the interface app does. A huge chunk of interface is the render engine.