WEB entities have alpha issues


Continuing the discussion from Random Picture Thread:

It has been months since I rezzed a WEB entity and wow does it look ugly. It has built in alpha and no properties to change that: The URL I used to display it is: https://www.xenoveritas.org/static/advent/advent.html

It is a javascript text console, which renders correctly on a browser but looks like this on the WEB entity:


Will a few people try testing WEB entities? Just want to determine if the problem is local to me. Rez a WEB entity. Does it have an strong alpha component to it? Does the alpha blending of the scene behind it look garish?

I tried doing that on my domains and on playa, same results for me.


So far i do not see anything wrong on my domain.


I was going to speak up last night, but this looks like it’s a “just your machine” problem my friend. I’ll grab a screenshot just to be sure.

yep… just you.


Why I asked :slight_smile:
Thanks. Now I have to find out what changed.