Web entities that change for all users


Is there a way to have a web entity that will update for all users as somebody browses or navigates through a page?

I am using a web page in my world that I need for an online guide to be able to change and for all participants to be able to see as the page is changed. Is this possible?


Do you have access at the html pages that you want to display in world?
If you have the access, edit this pages and add In the head zone of each page:

  <script src="https://togetherjs.com/togetherjs-min.js"></script>
    var TogetherJSConfig_autoStart = true;
    var TogetherJSConfig_suppressJoinConfirmation = true;
    var TogetherJSConfig_dontShowClicks = ":not(canvas";
	var TogetherJSConfig_disableWebRTC= true;

Put in your Web Entity the adress of your page, followed by:


for example:


If you want to synchronize pages that you don’t have access to edit,
there is an aproach, but is a little complicated.

See this post:



I do not have access to edit the specific page per say. It is part of an app that I could theoretically embed in an ifram on a page that I could control. If I did that and then put that script in the header would the content in the iframe also sync up?


Unfortunately, not. It doesn’t work for iFrames.