Web-hosted avatar invisible!


Hey all! I’m pretty new here yet, and I’m struggling to create an avatar. Following @Alezia.Kurdis 's walkthrough here, I put an Avatar together in Fuse and rigged it with Mixamo. Aside from some weird arm stuff, my avatar loads fine from my local machine!

I uploaded everything to a page on Files.fm and selected the .fst, but my avatar does not appear like it does when loading from my machine! I see “Loading Content” for a few seconds, and then there’s nothing, like I’m invisible!

I can’t be the first one who’s had this problem, right? Is there something simple I’m missing about file hosting? Are there any good sites recommended for hosting avatars?

Thanks for any help you can provide!



Open the log file CTRL/SHIFT/L and see what it is saying, there can be helpful info there.

First go back to your original avatar, and bookmark that for ease of future testing, then log out and back in again, then open your log and do the test the new avatar and watch the log roll.

Maybe the path is wrong and it cant find the .fst. maybe the fst cant find the fbx, or the textures.

Quite often the problem is not properly changing the paths in the .fst file to correctly find the fbx in the hosted directory.

If still no joy post the relevent log entries and the first few lines of your .fst file here.


On files.fm
is your files are reachable publicly?


When I check the logs, I’m seeing that the .fst fails to load. The first few lines of the .fst do match the directory structure.

I’m wondering now if the site I’m using doesn’t allow for reading directly, and instead only works by downloads. Are there any free file hosting sites that work well for avatars and other assets?