Website Resources Slider Issue


Hello all,

I was just poking around at the Resources section of the HF website & noticed an issue with the slider gizmo at the top. The speed on it is set a bit too high, which makes it difficult to read the first two entries before it lands on the third and stops altogether. If you select the first or second entries to try and read them, they slider activates again & you get about two seconds to try and read anything but the very last entry.

I know it’s nowhere near as critical as fixing issues in the client/server, but the Resources page is one that I imagine many new users will be exploring & I’d hate to have them frustrated by something so simple. My suggestions would be to (certainly) increase the wait time between frame shifting, and perhaps coding the slider so that it loops repeatedly and doesn’t just run through to frame 3 and stop. That’s my 2 HFC. Hope it’s of use. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!