webWindow fun with walkTools


I recently discovered the webWindow capabilities of Interface. For those who don’t know, webWindows are javascript dialogs that can display html / css/ js / jQuery / jQueryUI content and are very useful for javascript applications.
Inspired by the edit.js entity properties window, I used one for the new settings dialog for walk.js in the recent update (press shift+O to see the settings when walk.js is running).

Over-optimism gets me into trouble every time

I then got very carried away and ported all of the walkTools to webWindows - if I’d known how long it would take I might not have started. But it’s done now, and I’m much more familiar with scripting webWindows as a result. I even managed to squeeze in some jQueryUI elements - am pleased to report they work great!

The new walkTools toolbar

The new walkTools editor window

@Menithal - I finally got the text entries for the joint paramters sorted out in this release. There is also a new ‘Slider Ranges’ setting, so the sliders can be set to either full range or smaller ranges more suitable for animating.
It is also now possible to edit the finger joints, albeit in a very limited way. It should be sufficient for troubleshooting finger joint orientations etc.
Shift+R will zero out every joint, putting the avatar into a t-stance.
Shift+Q will dump the current animation’s values to both the Interface log and the walkTools log.

the new walkTools stats window

I’ve been very impressed with how quickly the js ‘eventBridge’ passes data between scripts and the webWindow - the stats window updates 60 times a second without so much as a flicker…

The walkTools log window showing an edited animation ready for copying

The walk.js setting dialog (press shift+O to show)

@Judas - that extra cool s#!t just got updated :wink:

Hopefully, aside from future animation creation, walkTools will prove useful in the current efforts towards standardising avatars and avatar creation workflows.

There are a couple of more basic tools missing atm, as they rely on 3D overlays (not currently working for me). These I will update as and when 3D overlays get fixed.

There seem to be some issues with the cameras at the moment, but I can usually find something that works (usually camera 4, but camera 5 and 6 are the only usable ones atm)

As far as I can tell, it’s not possible to set the size and position of a webWindow, only the minimum size. As a result, each window has to be manually resized and positioned for now. :frowning:

Currently, if you want to use walkTools, you will need to host the scripts locally. If there’s enough interest, I’ll look at starting my own AWS account and putting up a version that can be run directly from a URL.

Right, the new and improved tools are in place, so it’s time for me to start looking at making some new animations! Top of the list are turn-on-the-spot, improved side-stepping and a female walk…

As usual, walkTools can be downloaded from here https://github.com/DaveDubUK/walkTools where there are also a couple of video tutorials.


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URL Absolutely look forward to the walks as well I like subtle ones Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Will have to try this out.

btw is it possible to have the neck/lastspine of the avatar in the walk.js loosened up a bit? seems to take over head tracking.


@Menithal - I had a comment from @philip on the code review regarding this also, which prompted me to start thinking on solution. I plan to put my idea for a possible solution up as a worklist item, but will be a couple of days, as am currently moving house…

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