Wednesday Workshop Discussion Thread


Questions about Wednesday Workshops? Want to know about specific files or resources? This is the place to go!


Workshop Wednesday 10/31/18 - Building Zombies & Haunted

The core content and code from the 10/31 workshop on how we built Zombies and Haunted can be found here:

The slides that we showed can be found here:


Workshop Wednesday 11/28/18 - The Making of Futvrelands

Day/Night cycle script:
Trivia scripts:
Bingo scripts:

The slides that we showed can be found here:


I’m getting the 404 page for:
Was Trivia moved somewhere else?
It seems MarkBrosche deleted the Trivia content in the Latest commit f94a2ca
Commit before Trivia deleted


I believe it moved into the new events directory -
Here’s the new latest spot for Trivia:

I will also update the original post