Weekly attachment contest!


Content creators, one and all!

We are pleased to invite you to participate in our first Attachment Contest. All accepted creations get a place on the public attachments area with your name as the creator. The top 3 winning attachments, judged by applause-o-meter, will be displayed in-world with a blue ribbon.

This week’s theme is Summer Fair. Capture the spirit of summertime. How you choose to interpret that is up to you!

Come this Friday to our 2 PM meeting at hifi://zaru to both show and see your creations! Come join in for the fun of it, or take this opportunity to show off your wild imagination, your precision modeling or texturing, even scripting skills (looking at you Curtis). You’ll have an opportunity to model your attachment on stage as well, so feel free to get showy for your moment in the lime light!

You’ll need to build your creations to fit our new Wooden Mannequin Avatar available on the Marketplace.



That’s awesome!

I’d like to do something in TiltBrush :slight_smile:
But therefore I’d need a model of the avatar.
–> How can I get hold of the download-link to the WoodenMannequin’s .fbx?

Thanx a lot for this cool idea and for helping out with the link :wink:





I can’t wait to see what you make!

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Oh no I might have seen this too late! I’ll have to keep an eye on here more! D:


Yay, I tiltbrushed successfully :relaxed:
How do I submit my creation now?
Just wear it to the meeting?

Looking forward to tonite!!


Sure, just wear it for now and then if you want it on the shelves, just
gimmy a copy to download and I’ll put it up on our servers for ya :slight_smile:

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If you want to create attachments but you’re not sure how, we have a handy set of instructions now: https://docs.highfidelity.com/learn-with-us/create-your-own-attachments


Hello everyone!

This week, our attachment contest theme is OUTER SPACE. Be it classic Cosmonaut, sky-walking space hero, Pigs in Space or Trek inspired, as long as it’s out of this world, it’s welcome!

Please bring your far-out avatar attachments to this Friday’s community meeting at 2 PM at hifi://zaru
Extra points for coming on stage to show it off.

May the Force something something,