Weekly update and Friday meetup


Hi All,

We have been busy, with a good number of updates this week.

Recording and Playback of your Avatar.

We have extended out the functionality for recording and playback. I have put together an example video on different techniques:

Using the recording feature, Ryan very quickly built out a bar scene with multiple avatars. He did it all in under 30 minutes. Check out the results:

Big architectural change to how we handle models.

Models are now replaced with “Entities”. The update includes the following:

  • Models replaced by Entities - naming, classes, etc.
  • Entities have all the features that models had, but also support some
    features of particles (like velocity, gravity, damping, etc)
  • ModelItems used to be stored in the element as vectors of ModelItem
    instances, this has been switched to being heap allocated EntityItem
    derived class instances, and the tree elements now contain lists of
    pointers to those heap allocated items. This optimizes our ability to
    move them around easily when being edited or animated. There are now
    3 types of entities, more to come (e.g. lights), the three types are:
    Box, Sphere, and Model. The old 32bit server assigned IDs have been
    replaced by server assigned UUIDs - this fixes several collision bugs
    in the old code.
  • All the editing APIs (add, update, delete, getProperties, etc) have
    been updated to use faster recursion operators and better strategies
    for minimal traversal of the tree. - This improved large tree
    performance significantly (up to 20,000x improvement).
  • Entities can be accessed by ID through a hash instead of searching
    the tree… another big performance improvement.
  • Delete entity is now a true message/command and no longer uses the
    goofy “should die” property. Some renaming of “node” in trees to be
    "element" so as to stick with our naming conventions.

Meetup for tomorrow/Friday at 2pm PDT.


  • Introducing Craig: Craig is working on Audio.
  • Entities: What they are and where they are going.

I will be recording the meetup.

Exciting week.


Remind @craig that some of us are still crashing every time on some Windows systems on which an Oculus Rift DK2 has been plugged in (even if all s/w for that has been uninstalled) if a headset is not plugged in (3.5mm audio or USB or on a web cam). This has been the case on every build since Win build 976. 975 works fine.