Weird graphics in Playa


Playa looking normal…

Turn a few degrees and not looking so good…

… as soon as @Judas and @Smokey_Bracken come into view.

Windows build 4773


ah… so not just me having issues in Playa then… see my posts on Random Picture Thread…


run renderStats.js, see if your GPU texture buffer usage is near or at the maximum.


My GPU has 4GB of dedicated RAM


@Smokey_Bracken This seems like it could be a different problem: note how in my snaps objects become ghostly; in your snaps they just disappear.


I’ve discovered that my problem is something to do with 3D overlays: if I display nametags various entities go ghostly; turn nametags off and things display OK. … I’ll file a bug report.


And I’ve updated nametags.js with a work-around so that it doesn’t trigger the bug.


Thanks for the bug report. I wanted to let you know that a fix has been merged into master (although it’s not in the RC yet):