Welcome all new Alphas


I see there are more Alphas coming all the time, this is great and on behalf of the rest of the Alphas I welcome you.

Please be aware that even though this is alpha, people are putting in a lot of time to create their domains and they dont want their work vandalized.

I know most wouldnt do this deliberately but it can happen accidentally while people are learning the system.
There is currently no way of stopping anyone putting anything in anyones domain short of banning all users and that is a pointless move, so it is up to the general community to exercise good manners when visiting locations.

Just because you might be able to move something or delete something doesnt mean you should. Please leave things as you see them.
Just because you can place models, entities, text panels and lights anywhere you want, doesnt give you the green light to dump stuff or randomly place things. This is considered littering.

A Sandbox has been provided for everyone to be free to do these things, please use the sandbox domain which can be reached by pressing the ENTER key and typing … sandbox… into the address window. Then knock yourselves out, build, move, delete, create and test.

Do whatever you want while you are at the sandbox but please dont treat peoples domains as a sandbox unless the owner has given you explicit permission.

Thank you.



sand box should be in the lobby with something like sandbox written on it on it then mebby

Also welcome to new alphas, any questions nag me and ill just ask Adrian then take credit



Thanks guys and roger that.