Welcome new Alphas. Do you want to setup your own domain?


If you would like to setup your own domain with a place name, follow these instructions:


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I would like to get back to the page where I registered for a place name and cannot find it. The link on the docs page for place names (https://data.highfidelity.io/) cannot be found by the server.
I have gone through everything in my browser history and cannot find my way home.

I would like to change my place name, and presume I can do it from that page, maybe. :slight_smile:


Do you not mean https://metaverse.highfidelity.io/ I think after login you can change things


Yep, that is it. Thank you so much, Richardus. There are a lot of different url’s associated with this venture, aren’t there? Thank you!

Correction and lesson learned: you cannot change place names once purchased!


I will fix the urls when I get home, they just got changed on hifi side fairly recently. Thanks for letting us know it needs to be fixed.

Feel free to send me a direct message if you find any others, thanks!

Edit: @Sterling_Wright - URLs fixed now :sunny: :smiley:


This is really terrific, Chris. Thank you!


after installing stack and doing it downloading, everytime i try run it i get the windows error saying this program stop working :(( running windows 8.1

please help


Help please, do I need to get a different domain ID for each system used when using more than one computer (laptop/desktop/etc) to work (access/edit) the same Place Name? Thanks in advance.

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