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This is a forum for you “the alphas” – the first residents of our growing virtual universe.

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New user version interface-win-2183 doesnt work - crash

Thank you so much for creating such the wonderful future of virtual world. More than that thank you for inviting me to be the alpha tester. The first meeting was great. I took some snapshots and I would like to share here but it seems the new users cannot post images.


Ah hah. We’ll look into the 'not being able to post images issue."

Glad to have you aboard!


I agree…very excited about the future!


Thanks for letting us into this alpha, I hope to be useful for Windows bug fixes. And I’ll be happy to help with a WebGL version :).


Thanks! Biggest windows problem right now is the audio input causing stuttering, gotta fix that. We’re looking.


From the meeting. I don’t know if there is some setting I can do to show the voice indicator to see who is speaking. Sometimes when someone is speaking I have to turn around to find whose lips are moving. I also need to step closer to the speaker to hear their voices and sometimes I ended up bumping with the speakers (this makes me looks like a noob) lol


Yes it’s a great point, I noticed that as well in the meeting. Will think about how to better couple the apparent audio position to the sound.


Thanks for inviting me into the alpha! I’m seriously excited about the future of High Fidelity. Or, rather, how High Fidelity may influence our future. It is an idea whose time is coming. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Excited to be a part of this and seeing how it grows. Looking forward to helping out where I can with any web related stuff, and potentially the scripting as well.


Hi glad to be part of the alpha test. I have been compiling my own Windows exe for 3 months and moved around the map quite a bit, now I cant find anybody, At location 0;0;0 I see the rgb lines, where is everybody? what location is the meetup please? Thanks


Hey Adrian, at the time of the next meeting (2pm PDT on Thursday) you can use the @ function (press Shift+2) to get to someone like G (me) or Ryan or Philip. That’ll take you to wherever the group is. You can also click the names in Chat. Just press Enter and then click a name at the top of the chat window to go to that person.


Thx G, There seems to be some issues with my build, hi-fi builds ok but qxmpp needs to be built in Qt and that throws 2 issues, c4309 truncation of constant value, and doesnt produce any libs folder. I am told qxmpp is optional. Yet when I log in and open chat it says connecting to xmpp but never changes.
When loged in the consol screams with how application displaySide() took 3milisecs, and application paintGL() took 4ms and never settles. the online indicator top left stats says 17 avatars, but when I open chat it shows none. Shutting hi-fi down produces this error
"interface.exe module5.2.0 file global\qglobal.cpp line:2104
assert failure in Qcoreapplicatiom::sendEvent cannot send events to objects owned by a different thread."
Any suggestions pls? Windows7,with latest hifi source.


Hey Adrian, just checked in with one of our devs, @ZappoMan

Quick responses:
If you want chat, you have to have qxmpp – it’s only optional if you don’t want chat.

The displaySide() and paintGL() options are likely because you have some developer prefs (under the Developer menu) set that shouldn’t be, make sure those are off unless you need them. Regarding you’re last comment, we’re working on that :smile:


Thanks for letting me in, It’s so exciting that I dusted of the Mac. Its all strange and unfamiliar and I’m sat here grinning from ear to ear.


Welcome, Judas! Glad to have you aboard.


Heya Thijs… Beginning to see a few regulars :wink:


Very glad I can start with this Virtual World

I’m default on a Mac but recently have now also a Windows game monster so when possible I will also give this a try


Howdy bro! It’s me Hydrogen from SL :slight_smile: glad to see you here.


Ha! I thought so, but was a little hesitant to guess. Good to see you H-E!