Welcome to Alpha!


Hi, this is Giulio, just got in, thanks for adding me to the Alpha.


Haha, good to see you here @Phate_Shepherd !


Greetings programmes, thanks for inviting me to the Alpha show. I enjoyed the first meeting. The way Phillips avatar was able to put across facial expression was very kool. The whole way the avatars work in HyFy is very interesting for me and I look forward to experimenting with creating my own. I’m still getting my head around Voxels, it’s all fascinating stuff.


Thank you for letting me join the Alpha. I hope soon with wonderfull guidance of some I will join the world soon and looking forward to meet all inworld and see it grow.
Technical I am useless but if it works for me it will work for the rest of the world I would say and looking forward to 3dprint this world,


Welcome @JoJaDhara :slight_smile:


Very excited as well and looking forward to meeting you all!


Hello Everyone!

Thanks for inviting me to the Alpha! Ill be happy to contribute anyway I can.


Hi @FrankAvatar and welcome! we are going to be bringing in a new batch of Alphas this week. This forum has some great resources and everyone in here is very helpful.


As a member of the Immersive Virtual Reality Academic Research community I am honored to be a part of your maiden voyage! I have been waiting on pins and needle since the first day your site went live! May the wind be in all our sails as we journey towards a promising future together!


Hello all, just popped in to say hello, I’m excited to be part of the Alpha and will be running around and exploring a bit in the coming days, say hello!

In SL I’ve build the 1920s Berlin Project and I’m also the co host of the Drax Files Radio hour.


Welcome Jo!
Wondered when you will join :wink: I really like your blog.
As you are a blogger, this might be interesting for you: https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/blogging-about-the-world/101/7 .
Have fun!


Cheers! Yes no worries, I checked as soon as I was invited what and what I couldn’t say about my HiFi experiences.
But just wait till I get the green light, then I’ll blog the pants off Hifi!


Hey peeps! I want to thank HF for the invitation into this new virtual universe! It’s exciting and fun to learn a new interface, create some content (once I figure it out) and meet some new people! I am Lux Chiantelle in SL, fyi!


Welcome to the recent new-comers! I’m also the Same moniker in SL (just two words not one Blueman Steele)

My best suggestion is to head to the domain sandbox.highfidelity.io and go nuts :smile:


Hey folks - I’m glad to be part of the alpha: so much exciting going on! (cracks knuckles)


Hallo joy …welcome to the alpha family. Me also just a baby in the family :wink:

Maybe an idea to use your magical blog words in this forum? if is ok with the group…



please post whatever you want in the forums


Super pumped about coming aboard. I’m an avid SL power user with big dreams! Hope my contributions can make a difference and thank you so much for the invite. :smile:


Really excited about being invited into the group. Can’t wait to get my feet wet!


Hello and thank you for allowing myself to be apart of this Alpha Testing ground. I am super excited to be apart of this experience. Here is to the future!