Welcome to Beta!


Well hello new, High Fidelians!

Us alpha users would like to welcome you guys to this new, broad frontier. Do not be afraid to ask us questions.

Some of us have the ears to listen and to try help you guys take your first steps in this metaverse.

Just a word of caution, While we may not bite,
we may have odd sense of humor due to some of alphas being British. I personally am quite finished with it.

So far most of the active community alphas also located on the European timezone, but hopefully we can get more in here.


Resembles that comment

But yes Welcome to the Beta

@Jess any chance of a different font to highlight sarcasm?


Not sure if sartalics would work with Discourse. I’ll look into it.

In the meantime, might I suggest adding “~jazz hands~” to either end of a sarcastic comment. ;D


Yes welcome to the world of virtual reality the world to tomorrow


Thank you! Let’s hope more people join in.


Greetings betalings. :fireworks:


So if Alpha is over and we are in Beta, where are we on disclosure? Could I get a refresher?

What can we blog or talk about? (that is, has any of that changed since closed Alpha)

Does any of this change now or should we stick to the same idea of “don’t talk about it unless there is an official public release of the information.” ?


Announcement on that coming soon!


Last bullet point in this announcement: https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/forum-changes-for-beta/10716