What a nice bean bag


First - thanks for that nice bean bag :slight_smile: - found it on the land, someone left it there, so I think, its a gift.

I just wonder, I am working in my sandbox on my computer, not shared my spot or published an URL. I thought, it would not possible to find my domain or to come around for a visit - but cool its working somehow. Hmm thank you anyway, and if you read this, just drop me a line.

Btw, installed the chat script now on the domain.


Some of us alphas are running the old scripts that show everyone that is online, and which allows us to teleport to a user. so generally speaking when you have a sandbox setup, people can teleport to you by clicking your name, unless youve made the domain whitelist only.

The is a script called users.js, but its quite buggy :smiley:

Anyway it is a good idea to lock down the content so that people do not accidentally delete anything


ahh, cool - found it and installed it. Thanks Menithal!


There’s also a directory.js which shows public domains currently online.


yes, got it - and this all make sense for me… hmm :slight_smile: thanks David!


I was going to report this thread for going against hi-fi policy lol but it seems the devs have re considered their position :grin: good to see you getting into hifi skimi. Welcome In