What about music?


Hi, I’m Elaryan and I’ve been trying HF those Beta days.

I’m musician and I make soundtracks. Is it possible to add some soundtracks for free to the market? I want to share them with the community, I want to make HF more harmonic.


Should be possible Ithink.

Go to: https://highfidelity.io/marketplace
make sure you’re logged in, click on the ‘+ New Item’ button, fill in the form and see what happens.


Problem is that you need to post the url in the description field.
Unless you make a complete sound player entity with script and music you can make the json file. Then it works on marketplace by clicking get.


So, if I’ve a youtube link (with my music) or a Soundcloud one, must I create the player or I just can put the url into the market?


My suggestion to make it userfriendly is to make a player with it, so you can create a json file.

Then people can get the player from the marketplace with the get button. webentity ?

You can test thing on marketplace. as long you not use publish.
In draft mode you copy the json url to the correct importer to simulate the get button.

For marketplace you need the json file to make it complete worksble so far i know.


Hi @Elaryan you can touch base with @Caitlyn as she can get you some info on the market.


Ok, thank you all for the answers.