What all sort of game controllers are usable?


Looking at the How To Fly guide chart at Help, I’ve noticed one of the options shown is a game controller. I pulled a couple of different, cheap, USB game controllers out of a box and tried them in Desktop mode, and even when I go and turn on game controller support from the settings pane, neither one of these seem to do anything.

One of them is a generic, small, controller with a 4-way directional rocker on the left side and four buttons arranged into a diamond pattern and marked 1, 2, 3, 4 placed on the right, and some other buttons on the back.

The other is an old Saitek Rumble Force usb game controller with more controls on it.

Am I missing something? What sort of game controller do I need before it will work in HiFi? Or do these even WORK in Desktop mode?


In theory the Windows version of Interface supports these game controllers:

  • Afterglow PS3
  • GameStop Gamepad
  • Logitech F710 Gamepad
  • OUYA Controller
  • PS3 Controller
  • PS3 DualShock
  • PS4 Controller
  • X360 Controller

… based on observing that Interface currently uses SDL2 version 2.0.3 for its joystick support. More specifically the “hifiSdl2 input plugin” integrates SDL2’s “Game Controller API” – a high-level API that by default only recognizes a handful of hard-coded devices per platform.

Likely easier to integrate that API than SDL2’s lower-level Joystick API, but maybe some day someone can expand on joystick support using those APIs too (requires C++ changes).

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I suppose it would be useful if that list of known-good game controllers was listed somewhere easily found by casual users looking at the prospect of using a game controller. I.e. there would be a clickable link next to the diagram of how to use a game controller in HiFi.

That said, how long would it take for developers to have support in Interface for cheap, generic, off the shelf USB based game controllers of the sort you might find on an end cap at WalMart? Not all new arrivals on the HiFi scene are going to expect that only name brand game-console game controllers will work, a number of them will be like me and figure they can just pull some knock-off generic game controller made within the past 5 years or so out of a box and start using it in Interface. It’d be like being told that ONLY Microsoft keyboards and Logitech keyboards could be used in Desktop Mode in Interface. From their perspective, an input-device is an input-device is an input-device.