What Am I Doing Wrong? Modded Mery


OK, so I minimally modded Mery (nice alliteration, eh?) using the sliders to re-colo(u)r clothing and hair. I saved the modded Mery and the Mery.fst to a folder on my hardrive, then uploaded them to my Amazon site.
What I don’t get is how the .fst is in any way connected to/with the new model.
I am missing a step in here, when I watched the great Video by @Judas.

I am not wrapping my brain around how to get this into HiFi. I can export the .fbx fine, but what happens to the .fst? How is it then linked with the .fbx? What do I upload, and yada yada.

There is a missing link, that is most probably me, but I would love some help. Thanks.


The fst file is just a text file it contains a link to where the fbx and its textures are stored, it also tells interface which bone the leg bone is connected to. as long as these files are stored together in the same order and name structure that they come from the hifi server then everything will be found.
The package model option in interface will do the same job the same way.
Just in my tutorial I avoided that method, as its kinda fiddly enough as it is