What audio quality can you actually distinguish


A pretty decent look into this http://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2015/06/02/411473508/how-well-can-you-hear-audio-quality :slight_smile:


oh saw this on reddit this mornin, got 6/6 on a tablet speakers which apparently means i’m in league with satan lol.
interestingly the high quality audio was only cd quality wav’s 16,44uncompressed sound just has more life to it.
But i care about music so i care about how it sounds, kids these days blah blah blah yadda yadda yaaa not got a propper tune to it bippety boo doopety things etc


Gonna give this a shot once I get back home, I have studio ref headset and an Essence STX Soundcard (an amp) on it, so technically I “should” be able to distinguish, but not quite sure about my own ears :smiley:

At work though on my Macbook Pro with Sennheiser Momentum, I was only able to dinguish 3/6. 2 of them was close but not quite (320 kbps and raw), but imo most of the examples provided weren’t really recorded with the best of equipment or environments either


I normally listen via an Audioquest dragonfly dac and Sennheisser hd650 headphones. You’d be surprised the detail present on old studio tape. Vinyl captured the feel of music in a way that crap mastering onto CD never did then slowly audio quality was left to rot with shitty lossy compression. I have been getting seriously into the “hd recordings” 24,96 has all the feel of vinyl but way more presence. People tell me at length that I cant tell the difference but that little test left me unbearably smug.


I got wrong with one. mabey not spend enough tim e on it.So, im stuck at 5 out of 6.
But the quality where anyway pretty high. grab a youtube one and you ears hurt sometimes with the bad quality.


Tried the tests. I could definitely discern MP3 128 vs MP3 320, but could not discern MP3 320 vs uncompressed audio in many cases. Now this is with headphones and my gamer laptop’s analog amps, which is not audiophile quality. That’s all wonderful, but MP3 encoding introduces significant latency, and that matters for quality conversations or tandem vocal events.