What dancing bot should do?


I have tested the scripts dancing_bot and also bot_procedural, but nothing has happened. What should this scripts do? Are they broken?


They are both broken.

dancing_bot.js used to spawn a robot type avatar which looped a simple animation (gangnam style dance)
But this script now throws an error because there is no longer a class Avatar.

bot_procedural.js is an assignment script and should be run from the assignment client not the interface client and it produced 3 avatar bots (ron) that walked aimlessly about in a small area around position 0,0,0 and replayed a few random pre-recorded audio bites. I once modified this script to produce botProceduralWaypoints.js which spawned an avatar bot which would pace along a set route of waypoints and turn corners and walk up hills to complete a circuit then repeat.

However these scripts now seem to suffer the same error, cant find Avatar.
The code has changed so much that these scripts might be obsolete, I have asked this question a few times and never got a reasonable answer so I have given up on it, sorry.


Thanks Adrian. To have bots would be very helpfully, to test animations with more avatars, how it is often needed for machinima productions or also for pair dances.

There are more broken scripts. We should make a list of broken scripts, that they can be changed or also removed from the list of examples.